Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well time has gotten away from me and I have become drenched in life. I started my (should be my last semester)4th year of college a few weeks ago. I am attending Ohio Dominican and studying Sociology. Not sure what I want to do with my degree, once I get it, but it's an interesting subject and I enjoy learning about it. Besides school many great things have happened just in this first month of 2011. My best friend of ten years, Lareigh, gave birth to a handsome, adorable, precious baby boy, Brinn, on January 10 and I will be visiting them next week. Also, this month I got to spend time with my parents when they came to visit Zach and I for a few days. My mom and I worked on revamping the master bedroom in our home and also the downstairs bathroom (I hope to share pics of the finished products soon). Other than that I am enjoying life, learning, working, and making sure my eyes are open to each new day! 


  1. Yay, blog post!!! I was close to sending you a nasty email threatening to "Unfollow" you. Thank you for saving me from clicking a button. ;)

  2. Love you! Writing is so therapeutic! Keep it up!! Hope to see you VERY soon! Your new cuz is waiting to meet you!