Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well it must be said I am a Twilight fan! New Moon is playing in the background while I do house chores, homework, and puppy duty. I was extremely skeptical of anything Twilight related when it first came out, then I began reading and reading and reading and reading! I don't know exactly what the draw is for me other than I'm a hopeless romantic and whether its real life or a fantasy you can always sign me up for tears, heartbreak, and the happily ever after! Although others have their own opinions about the movies and books (aka my husband!!) I love them all. I have even been reading Breaking Dawn for the second time as a little refresher for November. And while I read and realize how silly some of this may seem, I'm a twiheart and proud of it! Happy Saturday everyone - I'll be watching and reading the vampire world unfold until homework overtakes me.

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